Zkteco F18 Wiring Diagram

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Essl security is one amongst the leading biometric companies in india and has grown into international territories since inception 2005. Zkaccess f18 installation manual.

How To Connection F18 With Em Lock

With the vision of being a top player on the global scale.

Zkteco f18 wiring diagram.
Safety precautions how to place a finger product contents product pin diagram product dimensions cables and connectors installation of back plate power connection ethernet connection pc rs485 connection fr1200 rs485 connection lock relay connection weigand input connection weigand output connection.
Zkteco is open for custom designs and software development kits are available on our products to be able to custom a solution for the client.
6 product dimension.

Zkteco proud itself with the latest technology in biomentric fingerprint scanners and expanding our range with state of the art.
F18 connection diagram door bell f 12 usb key lock sensor p pc pc hub f18 kr 500 essl.
5 please connect the gnd before all the other wiring especially under the serious electrostatic environment 3 please read the terminals description carefully and wiring by rule strictly.

Zkteco f18 time attendance access control full installation part 2 how to install fingerprint attendance management system full.
Any damage 4 keep thee xposedpartof wire is less than 5mm to avoid unexpected connectionand resulti nm achinery damage.
F18 with f 12 and em lock connection em lock positive negative f18 sen gnd but no1 com1 nc1 no2 com2 nc2 power 12v gnd weigand in 12v gnd wd0 wd1 rled gled beep push button f18 sen gnd but no1.

Zkteco is the leading biometric access control and time and attendance manufacturer with 25 years industry experience.
15 f18 zkaccess classic 35 software installation guide rs485 1 f18 2 f18 63 f18 rs485 rs485 gnd.
Reliable durable and highly accurate zk infrared detection fingerprint sensor with version 100 fingerprint algorithm.

The gnd signal may be omitted if and only if the gnd potential difference is less than 5v do not use.
Connection diagram for master device f18 to slave f 12 f 12 485 485 gnd 12v gnd bell bell sen gnd but no 1 com 1 nc 1 no 2 com 2 gnd ethernet power out wiegand in output f 18 bell door sensor button lock alarm power in rj45 6 rj45 3 rj45 2 rj45 1 gnd wd o wd 1 rled gled beep rs 485 rs 232 wiegand out.
Ing on wiring conditions and it maybe necessary to lower the baudrates.

Three different kinds of interface style including common matrix and magic styles.

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