Vanagon Auxiliary Battery Wiring Diagram

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If the vanagon was factory equipped with a dual batt system the second battery is shown in the bentley diagram for that vehicle. Sorry its so late ive just had a lot on my plate haha cheers bud.

Auxiliary Battery Kit 1983 91 Full Campers Gowesty

Many vanagon owners choose to add an auxiliary battery to run the stereo interior lights cell phone chargers and other 12v accessories when parked or camping without draining the vans starting battery.

Vanagon auxiliary battery wiring diagram.
Here are several questions about this setup same questions as on the right side.
Adding a 2nd battery is a great way to allow for off the grid camping while still allowing you to enjoy the little creature comforts.
As the voltage in the auxiliary.

Relay install instructions from.
Second battery installation kit for all 1983 91 watercooled westfalia full campers sink stove fridge.
Harold rust hi volks how to install the battery cut out relay.

The second battery is always conected via a 60 mm2 cross section wire to prevent overheating and insure efficient charging.
1986 1991 vanagon headlight relays.
Reference bentley 80 91 page 9734a 97222 97225.

First up is my auxiliary battery install.
I only had a little time to do any vanagon stuff over the break a couple of things were dealt with ill post it up over the next couple of days.
1980 83 aircooled westy 80 91 non camper vanagon owners.

After studying the wiring diagram 9 the auxiliary battery system seems to be a simple system with the only other components being the second battery a1 a battery cut out relay j7 and a bit of extra wiring.
Please use kit aux 701 for your vehicle.
Have you ever wanted to make your vanagon more like a motorhome.

It has been working fine for the last couple of years.
1980 1985 vanagon headlight relays.
And then to the terminal on the auxiliary battery.

Heres that wiring diagram you asked for.
Battery is completely isolated from the entire system when the engine off.
The new batt cut out relay is triggered by the two small wires on terminals 85 and 86 on the factory installed refrigerator cut out relay.

If you have a fridge relay under the drivers seat this is the kit for youif you do not have the relay you want to buy the aux 701.
Vanagon my auxiliary battery wiring.

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