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Please be aware that a lot of core details changed with openhab 20 and this wiki as well as all tutorials found for openhab 1x might be misleading. I have opted for another solution and that is just to have a momentary switch connected to my raspi or an esp depending on its location and let openhab work out if a push from wherever means on or off.

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A little background on my system i use openhabian on a raspi3 plus a bunch of smart home hardware.

Openhab wechselschaltung.
Openhab 2 comes with 130 bindings for different devices technologies or protocols.
But alexa only works on the single channel switches.
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To use the state of an item in rules it is often necessary to know what type of state the item is carrying and how to convert it into types that can be used in such operations.
The rest are bindings from openhab 1 which are included in the 20 distribution.
Hallo zusammen zu dem thema wechselschaltung habe ich auch noch eine frage und zwar.

A complete and up to date list of item types are currently allowed in openhab and the command types each item can accept is given in the openhab documentation for items.
Control should be possible with a little android tablet firetab using a nice openhab gui and alexa.
But seems that is exactly what you are suggesting.

The state of an item is an object itself and can be accessed with myitemstate.
Every project on github comes with a version controlled wiki to give your documentation the high level of care it deserves.
57 of them are using the new 20 apis so that they support discovery and graphical configuration.

Hacking a sonoff touch panel to work with mqtt and homeassistant.
There are some great hackable devices in the sonoff range such as the original sonoff switches the slampher and the sonoff luxury wall plate which is the subject of this instructablethese devices are based around the esp8266 or esp8285 wiffi mod.
Openhab alexa sonofftasmota or espurna where are my things.

That way openhab will always know the state.
In openhab every item carries a state.
The wiki pages here contain outdated documentation for the older openhab 1x version.

Its easy to create well maintained markdown or rich text documentation alongside your code.
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Die aussenbeleuchtung wird durch festverbaute und relative teuren bewegungsmelder von berker oder eben von innen durch einen normalen lichtschalter geschaltet.

Remote control automate monitor home devices like lights temperature and more.
Sonoff wireless wifi smart home products turn your home into a smart home at low price.

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