Motorcycle Dual Horn Relay Wiring Diagram

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When changing out a horn the wiring is simple and straightforward. For some reason dual horn relay wiring harness kits are difficult to find lately.

Tech Tips

This guide will show you how to easily install our horn wiring harness along with your aftermarket horns.

Motorcycle dual horn relay wiring diagram.
Using the numbers on the relay pinouts.
Dual horn installation using horn relay horn relay wiring this is the simplest way to connect two heavy in horns in a bike or a scooter using horn relay.
If that circle is ever broken something wont work.

85 and 86 are connected to the existing horn control light green and white green.
Start with a wiring diagram of your car or motorcycle rv etc and see how they hook it up.
Horn relay kit for dual hilo fiamm wolo stebel magnumnautilus and other aftermarket single and dual hilo horn set ups.

But i found a new source and added one to the bmw c 650 gt scooter.
How long it takes to wire a motorcycle horn will vary depending upon skill level but it generally takes 30 to 60 minutes to complete.
Heres the basic step by step.

30 is the new fused 12v circuit direct from the battery red.
Battery cable terminals at the relay are crimped then sealed with adhesive lined shrink tube where needed all.
Horn wiring examples wiring up horns are pretty easy since your car likely has one already.

The eastern beaver dual horn relay harness review that ive used before is no longer being made unfortunately.
All quality componentstotally plug and playpanasonic ewmatsushita 20 amp relay made in japan super light and reliable crosslinked wire 14 and 16 awg.
This product does not come with horns.

Rolling your own harness isn.
Using relaycut out your battery will.
Its best to think of motorcycle wiring like a circle.

The bmw scooter came with a small weak charging systems are the proverbial redheaded stepchild of motorcycle maintenance you can also consider the wiring that ties everything together along with a fuse or two and in.
The wiring consists of a positive wire which is routed through the horn switch and the ground wire.
Heres a little more detail that may explain how to hook the relay up better than we did in the article.

Power leaves the battery from one terminal passes through whatever will use that power lights horn coil whatever and ends up back to the opposite terminal of the battery.
Horn relay wiring motorcycle for some reason dual horn relay wiring harness kits are difficult to find lately heres a list of webbikeworld motorcycle horn reviews and comparisons.
Some cars have simple wiring that does not use a relay but most have the relay.

87 goes to the horns the paired brown green wires in the article photo.
Installing fiamm freeway blaster horns with a dual horn relay ready made wiring harness and relay kit makes it easy to add a horn relay to power a set of motorcycle horns.

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