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A kill switch that. Put in a kill switch or better yet several of them that can cut off the flow of electricity in.

Marine Battery Disconnect Switches Defat

I found a wiring diagram which indicates that this is a normal setup.

Kill switch wiring diagram car.
I got a suprise changing my alternator the other day finding out that the wire from the battery to the alternator was still hot even with the kill switch in the off position.
The basic starter kill relay diagram shown below breaks continuity of the wire from the ignition switch to the starter motor or in some cases ie.
Testing the 4430 master battery cut off switch.

Kill switches in cars and trucks typically disable the engine while the engine is already off thereby preventing it from starting and are not usually installed with the ability to stop a running engine.
Starter kill passive with switch relay wiring diagram.
Heres a complete guide to wire up a kill switch so you can race at the track if your battery is relocated.

Also this can be used as a guide if you want to re.
By using a wiring diagram for your car you should be able to find which wire is your ignition cable and determine the proper one to cut into.
This is a stand alone starter kill.

Testing the 4430 switch usually requires only an ohmmeter or continuity tester but the switch should be removed from the car and all wiring disconnected before testing.
Below is an ignition kill switch wiring diagram.
Ford to another relay when the alarm is armed and the ignition is turned on.

A kill switch is an effective and economical way to dissuade a thief from taking your car.
Thwart car thieves with a hidden kill switch one clever way to keep your car from being stolen.
In vehicle antitheft a kill switch is a type of engine disabler.

Find the best kill switches for cars and trucks at autozone and keep your ride as secure as possible the next time you lock your doors and head indoors.
A kill switch does much more than just alert you that a thief is attempting to access your car or truck it completely eliminates the likelihood that theyll drive away with your vehicle.
It does not rely on an alarm or keyless entry for it to work only a simple momentary contact switch normally open to deactivate it.

This is the most commonly used application for disabling the starter.
With the switch on there should be continuity from one 38 stud to the other 15 ohms or less resistance.
Is this type of setup with the alt hot with the kill switch off legal for nhra drag racing.

While it may not prevent a professional thief from stealing it it will likely deter the average amateur.
Antitheft kill switch guide what is a kill switch.
The key to how to install a kill switch is the choice of what type of switch and where to place it.

Once the wire is cut you can either solder the 2 ends of the wire into the switch or use additional connectors and crimp it on no soldering required.

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