Arduino Nano V30 Schaltplan

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The board uses same type of mini b usb connector same side connectors and 6 pin spi connector as well as the atmel atmega328p microcontroller in the 32 tqfp package. Arduino nano v30 user manual released under the creative commons attribution share alike 25 license.

Arduino Nano Ch340g 3 3 Volt Conversion

This port is used for both programming and serial monitoring.

Arduino nano v30 schaltplan.
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Arduino nano specification.
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Atmel atmega168 or atmega328.
For the nano i found it is necessary to add an external pull down resistor of 1k to the reset pin.
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The nano board doesnt have a dc power jack as other arduino boards but instead has a mini usb port.
The fascinating feature in nano is that it will choose the strongest power source with its potential difference and the power source selecting jumper is invalid.
The nano ch340 r3 board is similar to the genunine arduino nano board described on the original arduino website here.

The extra 2 pins of arduino nano serve for the adc functionalities while uno has 6 adc ports but nano has 8 adc ports.
The power source is automatically selected to the highest voltage source.
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You can wire the hc 05 bluetooth board to auto reset the nano by connecting the state pin to rst through a 01 uf capacitor which works on other arduino models such as the pro mini and pro micro.
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The arduino nano can be powered via the mini b usb connection 6 20v unregulated external power supply pin 30 or 5v regulated external power supply pin 27.

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