2 Bank Battery Charger Wiring Diagram

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12 volts to each battery just like if they were 2 individual 12 volt systems. One bank as the starting battery and the other bank as the trolling motor.

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I install a 2 bank battery charger to my 24 volt trolling motor batterys.

2 bank battery charger wiring diagram.
If the dc wiring is terminated with alligator clips they should be cut off and terminated with proper ring terminals to prevent the alligator clips from causing a spark which could lead to a battery explosion.
2 selector battery switches 1 automatic charging relay.
If im not mistaken cabelas chargers are made by promariner.

It is a 2 bank 12v and 1224 volt charger.
You have to connect a set of charge leads to each battery in your 24 volt bank.
I currently have a two bank onboard battery charger.

Im running 2 12v batteries in parallel on the tmotor bank and the other bank is just the starting battery.
For more detailed wiring guidelines please consult a qualified marine electrician or one of the many books available on the subject.
My cabelas is a 3 bank charger.

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When connecting the wires to the battery put the charger wire on top of the big battery cables not under them.
I have a 12v 55lb auto pilot.

And four battery bank system.
How to connect the on board charger to a 24 volt 2 battery system.
They look almost identical.

I can see no difference between the 2 sets of wires coming out of the charger ie.
Battery management wiring schematics for typical applications.
They are not labeled as being different.

On board battery charger 2 bank used marine battery charger marine battery charger 3 bank promariner prosport 12 4 bank marine battery charger guest marine battery charger 2 bank 12v battery charger depth finder 2 bank battery tender.
You really need to know the correct wiring from the manufacturer.
I just purchased another battery to extend my run time on my trolling motor.

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